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Plaintiff eDiscovery: Challenges Faced by Trial Lawyers

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Electronic discovery and case/document management issues are encountered by all attorneys, but plaintiff lawyers deal with particular challenges. eDiscovery traditionally has been asynchronous. In the past, plaintiffs have had little document production or privilege concerns, while defendants had to manage large document productions and struggle with privilege issues and logs. While this continues to some extent, plaintiffs in IP and Complex Commercial litigation increasingly face large productions as well.

Even asynchronous eDiscovery does not mean that Plaintiff firms are without eDiscovery frustrations. Large defendant productions still need to be reviewed, and most plaintiff firms do not operate the same internal litigation support infrastructure and resources of large defense firms. Another plaintiff ediscovery challenge comes in the form of largely irrelevant ‘document dumps’ with the design (or effect) of overwhelming plaintiff firms in document review, depleting limited plaintiff ediscovery resources, and hiding the important ‘needles in the haystack’ of electronic documents.

Cost constraints are frequently the most acute with contingency cases; plaintiff attorneys need to consider the risk and value of each expenditure relative to their case value. Even when litigation financing or funding is available outside the firm, funders want strict budget and cost control accountability. Process efficiencies that maximize the productivity of every minute and dollar need to be found. When all is said and done, trial attorneys and those handling plaintiff and contingency cases simply need to get more done with less.

Plaintiff eDiscovery & Case Management Solutions

ECA, Timelines, Deposition Prep, and More

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform has been designed to maximize the efficiency of discovery review to help plaintiff and trial attorneys get the most out of their available staff and budget. Lexbe’s powerful, search-centric, review platform allows for rapid identification and tagging of key case issues to support timelining and an accurate understanding of an ever-changing case. Advanced features, like NearDup Groupings+ and Assisted Review+, save time and reduce costs by streamlining the process of isolating key documents and supporting a more efficient review. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform’s powerful performance is backed by an innovative and scalable technology architecture, allowing for instant deployment of near unlimited computing resources that can simplify and expedite the processing and review of increasingly large loads of litigation data and other discoverable material. Highly secure, web-based access and cross-platform support (PC and MAC) ensures that any individual authorized to participate in a particular contingency case can access Lexbe eDiscovery Platform from any location or device. Critical for trial attorneys in general, and those handling plaintiff and contingency cases, Lexbe eDiscovery Platform’s pricing is simple and straightforward: pay only for the data you host. No case fees, user fees, licensing fees, or long term contracts required. We also offer contingency pricing plans for qualifying cases to align with plaintiff goals and constraints.

Please contact us at any time for more information about why Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is the perfect application to manage litigation, a 15-Day Free Trial, Demonstration, or a Price Quote.

Key Features and Benefits of Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

  • eDiscovery On-Demand – Lexbe eDiscovery Platform lets plaintiff firms outsource eDiscovery processing and review. Avoid IT/lit support personnel, fixed software, hardware, and other infrastructure costs.
  • Low Hosting Costs + No Users Fees – Pay only for the data you host. No user fees, case fees, or software licensing expenses.
  • Flexible ESI Import – Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is designed to allow import of native, TIFF or PDF productions. Easily and quickly load received productions for immediate search and review.
  • Strong Fact & Issue Integration – Plaintiff lawyers can use Lexbe eDiscovery Platform’s integrated fact & issue functionality to develop and manage key case evidence.
  • Advanced Search – Lexbe’s dual-index methodology supports fast and comprehensive search results within even the largest productions.
  • Early Case Analysis – Use integrated ECA featured to analyze data and custodians as well as summary reports of ESI.
  • Dynamic Culling – Defensibly remove unneeded ESI with dynamic culling by custodian, date, file type or keyword.
  • Fast, Accurate Document Review – Search results in seconds, unlimited coding fields, case management, and more
  • Web-Based Collaboration – Work effectively and in real-time with co-counsel across the country (or globe).
  • Mac-Support – Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is supported on both PC and MAC operating systems.
  • DIY Options – Easily self-administer your cases and litigation databases to reduce eDiscovery costs.
  • Custom Training and Services – Need more help? Lexbe can also provide additional training,technical services, and eDiscovery expert consulting, as needed.

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Defensibly Collecting, Reviewing, and Producing email
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Best Practices: Litigation Document Management and Review
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