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On-Demand eDiscovery Webinar: Best Practices Search

Please complete the registration form below for instant access to our On-Demand eDiscovery Webinar: Best Practices Search-Improve Speed and Accuracy of Search Using the Latest Techniques. Webinar materials include the 30-minute streaming video link, a downloadable MP3 podcast, the full presentation PDF, and helpful checklists. Webinar details and agenda are below.

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Webinar Description

Best Practices-eDiscovery Search: Improve Speed and Accuracy of Search Using the Latest Techniques

As the size of document collections continue to explode, finding the evidence needle in the electronically stored information (ESI) haystack is more challenging than ever. Understanding the latest tools, indexing techniques, and features associated with eDiscovery search will allow you to conduct a highly effective review while still delivering your production on time. The webinar discusses best practices in advanced search methodology with a focus on practically applying these tools to ensure your data is fully indexed, completely searchable and enables you to quickly and accurately access the evidence you need.

Webinar Agenda

– Pros and Cons of Keyword Search
-Understanding How eDiscovery Search Indexes Work
-Multi-Index Approach to Prevent Missing Critical Case Data
-Constructing Quality Search Queries
-Search Expanders and Search Limiters
-Testing Keyword Search Results
-Practice Tips

More About the eDiscovery Webinar Series

This Webinar is part of our eDiscovery Webinar Series, with new installments monthly which cover a variety of eDiscovery concepts and Best Practices. You can view any of our past Webinars OnDemand.

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