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Integrated Foreign Language Document Review

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Foreign Language Review

One of the more challenging consequences associated with growing ESI volumes in litigation is the increasing frequency and variety of foreign language documents. As business has become more international, so has litigation. From collection through to production, foreign language documents introduce vexing complexities that can confound existing workflows and spiral costs. Even more disastrous is neglecting to incorporate translated versions of important foreign language documents into the review database in a timely fashion, potentially missing out on case-changing evidence.

However, litigation teams can leverage improved review technology to solve these important issues and reduce the time and expense of eDiscovery. By integrating foreign language translations into the original file’s document record, collaboration between English-speaking reviewers, foreign-reviewers, and foreign-speaking translators is supported in a single, comprehensive review environment. Search is also more powerful than ever with the ability to index multiple languages. You can also apply concept searches across hundreds of languages to find important evidence no matter what the original language was. The result of improved foreign language integration is smoother workflows and reduced costs that increase your firm’s ability to take on increasingly complex international cases.

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