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Lexbe’s eDiscovery checklists and sample ESI protocol are excellent resources for establishing and/or validating eDiscovery processes and procedures at your firm, and for advocating for your clients’ interests.

Our eDiscovery checklists offer practical advice on relevant topics in eDiscovery and litigation preparedness to ensure an affordable, defensible, and repeatable practice. Our sample ESI order (also referred to as an eDiscovery Protocol) can be immediately put to use on your next case to guide negotiations with opposing and help you to avoid unnecessary disputes, delays and pitfalls in litigation.

eDiscovery Checklists

Our eDiscovery Checklists are designed to offer attorneys, paralegals and other litigation professionals tips for litigation success for all areas of eDiscovery. Topics range from native productions, Mac review and production, document processing, TAR and predictive coding, cloud computing, email issues, ECA, privilege issues, hosting and more.

eDiscovery Checklist

eDiscovery Planning for Trial Attorneys

As a plaintiff lawyer, you must carefully and continually evaluate your case, budget your time investment and manage client expenditures. This eDiscovery planning checklist for trial lawyers offers practical advice for obtaining evidence to build your best case and effectively advocate for your client.

eDiscovery Checklist

Requesting Productions in Native File Format

Requesting native file formats ensures that metadata is preserved and that no data is lost during the conversion process. This checklist outlines everything you as the requesting party should consider to increase the likelihood that the request is granted and that you receive the data you are looking for.

Sample ESI Orders

The following electronically stored information (ESI) order/agreement/protocol is a form created as a courtesy by Lexbe to be used by experienced litigation attorneys as a sample or example in their eDiscovery negotiations. This order should be customized by the user for the particular jurisdiction, case, court and circumstances.

For additional context, see Negotiating a State of the Art eDiscovery Protocol, a Lexbe eDiscovery Webinar Series presentation that covers in-depth how a properly negotiated agreement can speed collection, review, search, and production; reduce unnecessary eDiscovery expenses; and reduce the risk of sanctions.

Sample ESI Order

Model ESI Agreement Order​

Lexbe’s Model ESI Agreement Order is a 13-page sample eDiscovery protocol that stipulates the requirements and procedures for ESI preservation, collection and production in eDiscovery. This order includes the Model ESI Production Appendix.

Sample ESI Order

Model ESI Production Appendix

This ESI Production Appendix—part of Lexbe’s Model ESI Agreement Order—dictates load file specifications and governs the production of electronically stored information in a case.

Additional eDiscovery Resources

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