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Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is a comprehensive case management and document review solution that lets legal professionals quickly and easily analyze, search, review, produce, and securely share litigation documents.

eDiscovery Processing

Lexbe Rapid eDiscovery Services deliver fast and effective processing of electronically stored information (ESI). Using the latest high throughput technologies, we can scale immediately to meet your document processing needs.


We offer expert eDiscovery consultation and project management, including Rule 26(f) assistance. Consulting services provide expert technical advisement to best use legal discovery technologies and move through your case.

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About Lexbe:
Lexbe provides case management software and ediscovery processing services for litigation professionals at law firms, corporations, legal advocacy groups, and government agencies. Lexbe eDiscovery processing services are the fastest in the industry and leverage the latest cloud technologies to meet the demands of even the largest eDiscovery cases.
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Lexbe eDiscovery Platform
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is a cloud-based application and document management tool for litigation and legal electronic discovery document processing, production, review & case management. Our eDiscovery platform also enables legal professionals to manage their own work-flows and time priorities. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is self-administering, so authorized users can conduct their own case management, setting up cases, uploading documents and metadata, adding and removing users, and preparing productions in multiple formats. With Lexbe, firms can handle cases large or small without the need to maintain internal costly software, servers and trained IT or litigation support staff to support an electronic discovery, litigation database or litigation support application.
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Lexbe eDiscovery Processing Services:
Lexbe can quickly and accurately cull large ESI data sets, and prepare email (.msg, .pst, .ost, etc.), MS Office and other native files and other electronic stored information (ESI) for legal review and delivery for discovery production requests, and related electronic discovery consulting. We distinguish ourselves with proprietary scalable eDiscovery back-end processing power — this allows us to handle large jobs quickly and cost-effectively.
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What is eDiscovery? To learn more about the variety of software and services available to litigation professionals, take a look at our resources page. View past webinars, check out our 101 articles, or use our ESI calculator to find out just how much data you have to manage in your case.

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