Disability Rights Advocacy Organizations

Lexbe helps disability rights organizations handle document intensive cases with limited resources.

Cost Effective eDiscovery and Case Management Solutions for Disability Rights Organizations

The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) is an essential tool for disability rights organizations involved in litigation. This powerful platform provides a wide range of features and tools that can help these organizations efficiently manage large volumes of data, quickly identify relevant information, and achieve successful outcomes in their legal proceedings.

Lexbe engineered LEP to be the most cost effective, cloud-based, eDiscovery platform which enables disability rights organizations to handle more cases on a limited budget.

  • No Processing Fees

    Lexbe's highly efficient and high-speed ESI processing engine enables us to offer free ESI processing.

  • No User Fees

    You can have as many users as you need in your case for no additional charge.

  • No Case Fees

    With Lexbe you won't be charged a monthly fee per case.

  • No Electronic Endorsement Fees

    With Lexbe you won't be charged for Bates stamping, or other electronic endorsements.

  • No Data Promotion Fees

    Lexbe is an end-to-end eDiscovery platform which means you don't have to pay to move your data from one platform to another.

  • Transparent Flat Rate Hosting

    Lexbe provides a range of subscription options with low flat rate hosting fees.

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform
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One of the key benefits of LEP for disability rights organizations is its advanced search and filtering capabilities. These tools can help these organizations quickly identify relevant information in large data sets, including emails, documents, and other types of electronic evidence. This can be especially important in disability rights cases, where the volume of data can be overwhelming.

Filter your documents by search term report hits to locate the relevant documents for your case.

The platform also provides robust document review tools, allowing disability rights organizations to efficiently review and analyze documents, identify key information, and prepare for litigation. The platform provides a wide range of review options, including coding, tagging, and redaction, allowing these organizations to tailor their review workflows to meet their specific needs.

In addition to these features, LEP also offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. These tools can help disability rights organizations optimize their legal strategies by providing detailed metrics and insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their case. This can be especially important in disability rights cases, where legal arguments may hinge on specific facts or evidence.

LEP also has advanced auto-redaction and manual redaction features to help ensure the privacy of your clients.

In addition to these platform features, Lexbe also offers a range of professional services to help disability rights organizations optimize their workflows and achieve successful outcomes in litigation. This includes expert consulting, data processing and analysis, and document culling services. These services can be especially valuable for disability rights organizations, which may not have the in-house resources or expertise to manage these tasks themselves.

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