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Corporate legal departments need an eDiscovery solution that is easy to use for paralegals and helps drive down the total case costs. Lexbe is the leading eDiscovery solution for corporate legal teams.

Modern legal teams mitigate unexpected discovery cost overruns by utilizing the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform to cull data and conduct document review prior to engaging outside counsel. By leveraging Lexbe’s simple user interface, advanced tools, and low cost, legal teams can easily collaborate on cases, reduce the burden on corporate IT, locate the relevant documents, and engage outside counsel in a process that reduces the cost of litigation.

When corporate litigation readiness is dependent upon multiple parties working in concert, collaboration features, ease of use, unlimited users, and low cost are essential aspects of an effective eDiscovery solution for corporations.

As document volumes continue to increase exponentially, and employees work from varied locations, corporate legal departments are under increasing pressure to find solutions that help contain the spiraling legal spend.

The Best eDiscovery Platform for Corporate Legal Departments

The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) is the ideal cloud-based eDiscovery solution for legal teams looking to reduce their eDiscovery costs while maintaining control over sensitive documents, and collaborating with outside legal counsel.

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Every business is unique, and your legal team may even engage different technology partners and service providers depending on the type and scope of the case. With that being said, many corporate legal teams who choose the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) to cull case data, review documents and prepare for litigation do so with the following business objectives in mind:

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform
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  • Eliminate third-party dependencies and reduce legal spend by bringing some or all stages of eDiscovery in-house

    Reduce your eDiscovery spend by deploying LEP to effectively manage your eDiscovery practice in-house. As an end-to-end solution, the Lexbe platform supports every stage of eDiscovery, so you won’t lose time exporting and importing case data across multiple platforms. From upload, preservation and early case assessment (ECA) on through hosted review and production, case data remains in one accessible and secure location.

    Lexbe is a true DIY eDiscovery solution. Corporate counsel can quickly add or remove users, drag-and-drop case files for upload, automate eDiscovery processes, rapidly cull data, gain case-critical insights firsthand, and run productions. All our platform subscription plans feature value-priced, per-gigabyte rates that make it easy for legal departments to predict and manage eDiscovery spend month over month.

  • Retain flexibility and avoid staff burnout without sacrificing your ability to scale at a moment’s notice

    General counsel may opt to utilize Lexbe managed services either routinely or on a case by case basis for larger matters. Our on-demand professional services offering enables corporate legal departments to create a shared services agreement and rapidly scale up to meet case demands without adding staff. Lexbe does not charge case fees or user fees, so you can onboard outside counsel or service providers if needed at no additional cost to your organization.

  • Rapidly reduce the number of documents to review with early case assessment tools, advanced data culling techniques and technology assisted review

    Litigation readiness means understanding case strengths and weaknesses early on. Store case data securely and inexpensively in the Lexbe cloud and cull your document population by date, custodian, keyword and more to reduce the number of docs requiring outside review. Use LEP to generate dynamic case timelines linked to case facts and issues.

  • Develop core competencies that compound the value you and/or your department bring to the company

    Adopting new technology with a demonstrable return on investment that streamlines the functions of your department makes you an indispensable asset to the company. Lexbe customers routinely cite ease of use as a primary reason they prefer LEP over other cloud eDiscovery solutions. You’ll have access to free platform training, as well as Lexbe’s sponsored eDiscovery webinar series, available live and on-demand for at-your-own-pace learning, to ensure proficiency in the platform.

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