External Storage Devices

Forensically Collecting Evidence from External Storage Devices

Analyzing external mass storage device activity on systems can provide an excellent source of evidence when our certified forensic investigators are assessing how storage devices were used and for what purpose.
Depending on the type of system, Lexbe forensic investigators can often uncover the following data points regarding external storage devices:

  • Associated User Account

  • Brand of Storage Device

  • Device Class ID

  • Device Volume

  • Model Number

  • Serial Number

  • Usage Date and Time

Behavioral Correlation

Lexbe’s forensic investigators will often utilize external storage device artifacts combined with other forensic artifacts, like cloud platform download data, to correlate behavioral data during an investigation. For example, a login and download from a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that was subsequently transferred to the external storage device can be uncovered. This technique is highly effective in identifying data exfiltration via external storage device.

External Storage Device Variety

There are all types and sizes of external storage devices. As an example, Smartphones with TBs of storage can easily be connected to computers and provide external storage. Therefore, the Lexbe forensic team is equipped with the tools necessary to identify and collect external storage device activity.

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