Construction Litigation

Lexbe is the best eDiscovery solution for construction litigation because it helps the lawyers gain an understanding of the relevant documents faster.

Build a Stronger Case by Gaining a Detailed Understanding of the Relevant Documents Faster

Construction litigation cases often involve many interconnected parties, including owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, experts, sureties, insurance companies, lessors, lessees, and others. Further, construction cases may encompass a multitude of industry-specific issues such as construction defects, bonding, and indemnity, surety, subrogation, and insurance claims, good faith coverage determinations, workmanship, design, mechanics liens, Daubert challenges, multi-party mediations and arbitrations.

The large number of custodians, distributed nature of the electronically stored information (ESI), and large volumes of data in construction matters can make it difficult for the lawyers to gain rapid insight into the critical evidence. Therefore, it’s imperative to move lightning fast, from document ingestion, to analytics, and review in order to have the time required to build the strongest case. Not only does your ESI processing engine need to be highly robust and scale to meet the demand of the incoming datasets, but the analytics and search functionality needs equip you with the valuable evidentiary insight early in the process.

Lexbe delivers early case insights, lightning fast and equips you to build a stronger case.

  • High Speed ESI Processing

    Hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) gets you from document ingestion to early case insights and document review at lightning speeds. LEP auto-scales to handle TBs of data with ease. In addition, Lexbe has engineered the ESI processing to be highly efficient, including native character extraction, metadata extraction, optical character recognition (OCR), indexing, normalized PDF generation, deNIST, and deduplication. Because our processing is so efficient, we pass the cost savings onto clients and don't charge for ESI processing for subscription accounts; in large construction cases this saves clients tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Process Thousands of Document Types, Including .DWG

    The ESI processing engine within LEP handles thousands of document types, including AutoCAD files. Our vast processing library enables us to maximize the percentage of reviewable documents at the onset of the case.

  • Advanced Analytics

    LEP provides you with rapid insight into the key documents. Our advanced search term report gives you instant access to relevant documents. The Lexbe Near Duplication algorithm helps you quickly prioritize similar evidentiary documents which can facilitate populating the facts and issues while generating a dynamic case timeline. If you've got millions of documents then our Bayesian predictive coding algorithm can efficiently help you cull down the document set to those relevant to the case.

  • Got Photos?

    Many construction cases have a large number of photographs. Lexbe's cognitive image recognition AI algorithm quickly categorizes photographs based on the content of each photo. This helps you quickly determine which photos are relevant to your case.

  • Color Coded Document Comparison

    Quickly analyze contracts and work orders on a side-by-side or line-by-line basis with color coding that highlights the differences between versions of the same document or similar documents.

  • Drone Data

    Drones are being used more often in the construction process to help analyze and report on the status of projects as well as documenting compliance. Lexbe's digital forensic team can perform ESI extractions from drones to help ensure you have the largest searchable dataset for your case.

  • AI Language Translation

    Lexbe's AI language translation helps you maintain control of cases that have cross border custodians. Construction litigation firms have come to rely on Lexbe for AI powered language translation to address challenges like documents that originated with a German engineering firm that were used for a construction project in Los Angeles.

Lexbe's Advanced Search Term Report

Filter your documents by search term report hits to locate the relevant documents for your case.

Industry Leading eDiscovery Affordability

Document intensive matters, like construction defect cases, require an eDiscovery solution that is highly cost effective. We engineered LEP with this in mind, so we are able to pass the cost savings, from our technology innovations, onto clients.

  • No ESI Processing Fees

    Lexbe's highly efficient ESI processing engine enables us to offer this for free. This saves clients tens of thousands of dollars in upfront processing costs.

  • Lightweight & Agile

    Unlike legacy eDiscovery software that utilizes bloated TIFF images, LEP generates a normalized PDF which is lightweight, requires less processing resources and dramatically reduces the hosting size of your cases.

  • No Data Promotion Fees

    LEP is an end-to-end eDiscovery solution that doesn't require you to move data from one point solution to another. Not only does this eliminate data promotion fees but it also means that you gain insight into your case much faster.

  • No User Fees

    You can have as many users as you need to get the job done. There are no user license fees for using LEP.

  • No Case Fees

    Lexbe doesn't charge a monthly case fee or limit you to the number of cases hosted in LEP.

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