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Lexbe is the best eDiscovery software for lawyers and paralegals that use Apple Mac computers and iPhones

Ditch the IT Workarounds and Get More Done on Your Mac

Even with the rise of OS-agnostoic, web-based review platforms, many modern e-discovery review applications require you or your network administrator to install Internet Explorer on your device. Lawyers using Apple computers are often told by IT departments to run their Mac in what’s called “dual-boot mode”, utilizing more than one operation system, or to run Windows emulation software like CrossOver, Wine or Lutris on their computer. These solutions are cumbersome, resource-depleting, and difficult to learn. Worst of all, they make it difficult for lawyers on Macs to be as productive as they otherwise would be.

Further, installing a dual-boot partition requires more computer processing power and unnecessarily takes up a lot of hard disk space. Transferring files between partitions is difficult, and Mac programs are unavailable while in the Windows partition. Similarly, emulation software or “VMware” has a steep learning curve, is expensive to install and maintain, and chews up disk space, effectively slowing down the computer. You already know it, but we’ll come out and say it: these IT workarounds aren’t worth the trouble, and they inhibit your ability to do your job effectively.

Cloud-Based eDiscovery Software for MacOS and PCs

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) runs natively on both Mac and Windows computers, and supports the latest versions of the most commonly used modern web browsers, including Chrome, Safari and Firefox. No dual-boot or emulation VM software required. This means that if you want to review case documents in LEP from your MacBook or Macintosh desktop computer, or even your iPad or iPhone, you can–and you won’t need help from your firm’s network administrator.

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform
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Lightning-Fast and Affordable eDiscovery for Mac Litigators

Litigation attorneys should not be inconvenienced by incompatible software or inefficient workarounds. Lexbe provides an OS-agnostic, web-based e-discovery solution with broad browser support that lets you manage legal documents and conduct eDiscovery in your preferred environment – without sacrificing any features or capabilities. Features of the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) include:

  • High Speed Document Processing

  • Advanced Search Capabilities

  • Flexible and Customizable Document Review Workflow

  • Document Tagging, Annotations, and Dynamic Review Sets

  • Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

  • AI Algorithms and Tools

  • Secure Productions

  • Electronic Endorsements

Thanks to web-based solutions like Lexbe, the all-Mac law office isn’t as far-fetched as it was 10 years ago. Today’s litigator can manage eDiscovery and review legal documents on any internet-enabled device. Not only is this doable, it’s actually more cost-effective than using on-prem e-discovery software.

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