Securities Litigation

Lexbe is the best eDiscovery software for SEC matters

Lawyers, law firms, and companies engaged in securities litigation or securities fraud cases face a number of unique challenges. First, these cases typically involve many parties, custodians and documents — page counts can often be in the tens of millions. But these cases must still be prosecuted in standard court timeframes, so often a lot needs to be done in a short timeframe. With heightened government enforcement and the expanding scope of cases, litigation is becoming increasingly complex.

SEC or state securities authority involvement may be active or prospective. The SEC may have issued a subpoena or have an active investigation ongoing. Parties subject to a subpoena or investigation may be regulated entities – broker-dealers, accounting firms, public companies, investment companies – and subject to special requirements that further complicate a civil or criminal case. All these requirements may put additional time pressure on critical discovery and case management obligations.

Finance-based cases of any type can be very complicated, with many inter-related individuals and organizations. The ‘key’/’hot’ documents in a case — the real smoking guns — may be less obvious here than in other cases to most document reviewers.

Lexbe Helps You Find the Hot Documents Faster and Build a Stronger Case

Filter your documents by search term report hits to locate the relevant documents for your case.

The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) is purpose-built to get you from document ingestion to review faster. Our advanced cloud-based infrastructure means you have the required horsepower to process millions of documents because we auto-scale based on the size of the incoming document set. Getting to the hot documents faster gives you an advantage, especially in securities litigation.

  • High Speed ESI Processing

    Hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) gets you from document ingestion to early case insights and document review at lightning speeds. LEP auto-scales to handle TBs of data with ease. In addition, Lexbe has engineered the ESI processing to be highly efficient, including native character extraction, metadata extraction, optical character recognition (OCR), indexing, normalized PDF generation, deNIST, and deduplication. Because our processing is so efficient, we pass the cost savings onto clients and don't charge for ESI processing for subscription accounts; this saves clients tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Near Native Review of Spreadsheets

    With LEP you'll be able to review spreadsheets and formulas in the natural flow of the document review. Therefore, you won't have to download the spreadsheet and open in the native application in order to analyze formulas.

  • Color Coded Document Comparisons

    Quickly analyze documents on a side-by-side or line-by-line basis with color coding that highlights the differences between versions of the same document or similar documents involved in financial transactions or including complex financial data.

  • Secure Briefcase Exports for Engaging Experts, Confidential Witnesses, Certified Fraud Examiners, and Forensic Accountants

    Equipping witnesses with key documents is easy with LEP. You can create a secure briefcase and send it via a password protected link. They can annotate the documents and then have them reuploaded for inclusion in the facts and issues case timeline.

  • Advanced Analytics

    LEP provides you with rapid insight into the key documents. Our advanced search term report gives you instant access to relevant documents. The Lexbe Near Duplication algorithm helps you quickly prioritize similar evidentiary documents which can facilitate populating the facts and issues while generating a dynamic case timeline. If you've got millions of documents then our Bayesian predictive coding algorithm can efficiently help you cull down the document set to those relevant to the case.

  • Auto-Redaction

    When producing large document sets that contain confidential and personally identifiable information (PII), it is critical that redactions can be efficiently implemented. With LEP you can automatically redact all social security numbers, bank account numbers, and numerous other PII.

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform
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Industry Leading eDiscovery Affordability

Not only did we engineer LEP to get you from document ingestion to review faster, but we also made it highly efficient and pass the cost savings onto customers.

  • No Processing Fees

    Lexbe's highly efficient cloud infrastructure enables us to offer free ESI processing. This eliminates the large upfront expense that legacy eDiscovery charge their clients.

  • No Data Promotion Fees

    LEP is an end-to-end eDiscovery solution that doesn't require moving data from one point solution to another. Therefore, the cost of moving data is eliminated and there are significant time savings which enables lawyers to gain critical case insights earlier in the process.

  • No Case Fees

    You can have as many cases in LEP as you need without monthly per case fees.

  • No User Fees

    You can have as many users in your case as needed with no additional charge. This generates significant cost savings for complex securities matters.

  • No OCR Fees

    Optical character recognition (OCR) is one of the steps in LEP's document processing which helps make files fully searchable. Because of our highly efficient cloud infrastructure, we offer this for free for subscription accounts.

  • No Electronic Endorsement Fees

    Bates stamping and other electronic endorsements won't cost you extra with Lexbe.

  • Volume Discounts

    Volume discounts are available based on the number of defendants, the amount of data hosted, and the subscription term.

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