Rule 26(f) Meet & Confer Consulting

Preparation is Critical for a Successful Rule 26(f) Conference

The Lexbe Professional Services Team can help you establish an effective game plan for your Rule 26(f) Conference. With an in depth understanding of the data landscape, our team will work with you to identify the potential sources of relevant electronically stored information (ESI) for your case and help equip you with the questions you’ll need to ensure the responsive data will be preserved and accessible. In addition, we’ll assist with reviewing the pleadings and any additional case information, identifying and logging the key issues and corresponding documents or information associated with the issues, preparing a discovery plan, anticipating what the opposing party  will request, anticipating and preparing for the disputes and organizing evidence to support your position, and  documenting everything for follow-up.

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Setting the Stage for a Successful Rule 26(f) Outcome

By working with the Lexbe Professional Services, you’ll be equipped with a plan and resources to help orchestrate a successful Rule 26(f) conference. The Lexbe Team will start with a comprehensive preparation session that will include:

  1. Reviewing the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the local rules of the court where the case is pending to ensure that you are familiar with the requirements of Rule 26(f) and any additional requirements of the court.
  2. Identifying the key issues in the case and the documents and information that will be necessary to resolve those issues.
  3. Identifying any potential disputes or disagreements that may arise during the conference, and preparing arguments or evidence to support your position.
  4. Identifying any discovery or other case management issues that may need to be addressed during the conference.
  5. Preparing a proposed discovery plan and scheduling order that addresses the key issues in the case and that complies with the requirements of Rule 26(f) and the local rules of the court.
  6. Identifying any experts or other witnesses that may be necessary for the case, and discussing their role and availability with the other party.
  7. Preparing any necessary pleadings, motions, or other documents that may be required for the conference.
  8. Reviewing the other party’s pleadings and any other available information about the case to anticipate their arguments and positions.
  9. Preparing to discuss the possibility of settlement or alternative dispute resolution, if appropriate.

Rely on the Experts to Help Orchestrate a Successful Rule 26(f) Conference

Our Professional Services Team consists of CEDS certified litigation paralegals and lawyers that are experienced in all types of matters. Lexbe eDiscovery Specialists will collaborate with you on the development and execution of a plan to deliver a successful Rile 26(f) conference.

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