Collaboration Accounts

Forensically Collecting Evidence from Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and More

Collaboration platforms have risen to prominence as mobile connected teams continued to work remotely through the pandemic. The collaboration capabilities including video, instant messaging, voice, file transfer, file editing, knowledge sharing, and screen sharing make these cloud-based platforms rich sources of evidentiary data for all types of cases.

Our forensic investigators forensically collect and analyze files from these platforms for use in litigation. These platforms tend to facilitate informal communications as the users can feel like they’re communicating at the water cooler.

Collection and Analysis of Collaboration Data

The forensic investigators at Lexbe will collect and analyze the data from many of the most popular collaboration platforms. These platforms are often rich sources of evidence. Some of the more popular collaboration platforms include:

Remote and Targeted Collections Drive Efficiencies

With Lexbe’s advance forensic capabilities, cloud-based collaboration platforms can be accessed remotely, collected, analyzed, and uploaded to the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform for review and production. This process makes it highly efficient and cost effective. Our forensic investigators can also perform a targeted collection based on date range or other parameters to help streamline the process and focus on the relevant data for your case.

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