Cloud Accounts

Forensically Collecting Data from Cloud Accounts

The combination of cost efficiencies and virtually unlimited storage and computing resources have quickly established the cloud as the primary destination for electronically stored information (ESI) for corporations and individuals.

Instant access to cloud resources from Smartphones and computers means that data has become highly portable and can be transferred from devices to clouds and from cloud to cloud.

Our forensic team is expert at analyzing cloud access by devices as well as quickly finding important evidence, including from deleted and unallocated spaces.

Cloud Accounts Span All Categories of Applications

We routinely collect evidentiary ESI from a plethora of cloud accounts. Because cloud accounts span virtually all categories of applications used by individuals and corporations, the cloud has become a primary source of evidence used in litigation.

Examples of Cloud Accounts Include:

  • Email Accounts

    Such as Microsoft 365, Gmail, and Apple iCloud Mail

  • Social Media Accounts

    Such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram

  • Document Storage

    Such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive

  • Collaboration Apps

    Such as Slack and Microsoft Teams

  • Productivity Suites

    Such as Microsoft 365 and Google Suite

  • Customer Relationship Management Apps

    Such as

  • Medical Record Apps

    Such as MyChart

Work From Home and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programs

Insider threat investigations often stem from the commingling of individual and corporate data sources. BYOD programs and working from home have limited some of the controls over data that are established on corporate premises. As a result, the cloud has made it increasingly simple to transfer data from one repository to another when a bad actor is working from home and/or by using their personal device.

Our forensic investigators efficiently collect the artifacts that track the data movement across devices and clouds so you can build your case. If data is transferred locally across USB ports or transferred from a corporate email account to a personal cloud storage account, Lexbe investigators will find the evidence.

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