Forensically Collecting Email Accounts for Litigation

Email has been a primary source of electronically stored information (ESI) for use in litigation for decades. At Lexbe, our forensic team has helped law firms of all sizes build their best cases by collecting relevant email files for review.

When a custodian deletes an email, it is extremely difficult to fully eliminate the email given how it is distributed and how the email server architecture functions. Therefore, email is often a reliable source of evidence for use in matters, regardless of the data governance and email storage policies implemented by corporations and individuals.

Cloud-Based Email Accounts

The vast majority of email platforms reside in the cloud. This helps facilitate the collection process by enabling our forensic investigators to perform remote forensic collections from email accounts. Microsoft 365, Google Gmail, Apple iCloud Mail, Yahoo Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and dozens of other email providers host their platforms in the cloud making it easy and efficient to forensically collect for your case.

Targeted and Full Email Account Collections

Some custodians will retain years and years of email in their email accounts. Therefore, email can balloon into terabytes of data with only a fraction being relevant to your case. Our forensic team will work with you to identify date ranges, keywords, and other parameters to help reduce the dataset to deliver time and cost savings in eDiscovery.

Email Threading and Color-Coded Comparison

Once our forensic team collects the emails, they are seamlessly loaded into the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform for analysis and review.

The email thread visualization makes it very easy to identify gaps in opposing counsel’s productions or a missing custodian because the emails will render as “Not Available.” In the email thread visualization view you can select emails and analyze their metadata without having to click into each one.

Lexbe Platform Email Thread Visualization Example

In addition to email thread visualization, the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform enables you to compare emails side-by-side or line-by-line with color coding that signifies the differences between the two emails. Other tools like near duplication groupings help to prevent privileged emails from slipping through the cracks and streamline the review process.

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