Requests for Production

If you've received a request for a production or need assistance with a production, the Lexbe professional services team can help.

For More than 17 Years Our Team has Delivered Exceptional Production Support to Customers Resulting in Successful Outcomes.

"We just got back our verdict of nearly $9 million in the case we tried against Greenberg Traurig and Hollingsworth Law Firm (voted #1 complex litigation firm in the world). There is no way our team of 3 lawyers could have competed with those heavy hitters without Lexbe. Thanks to your team!"

Lexbe’s professional services team can play a crucial role in helping clients with their eDiscovery productions. With years of experience in eDiscovery and an in-depth understanding of the technology and processes involved, Lexbe’s team provides expert guidance and support throughout the production process.

The eDiscovery production process is one of the final stages in the eDiscovery process, and involves the preparation of documents and data for delivery to opposing counsel or other parties. This stage is critical, as it can impact the outcome of a case and potentially lead to costly mistakes if not done properly.

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Lexbe’s professional services team helps clients navigate the complexities of the production process by providing end-to-end support and guidance. They work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements and develop a customized production plan that meets those needs.

  • Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Protocol Review

    A comprehensive review of the ESI order to assess the specific production requirements to ensure compliance.

  • Government Agency Production Requirements

    A review of the government agency's production requirements to ensure compliance.

  • Create a Privilege Log for Redacted Documents

    The redaction privilege log will show what information was redacted and why. This can be incorporated into a custom privilege log to accompany the production.

  • Create a Custom Privilege Log

    If the ESI order requires additional fields then the Lexbe Professional Services Team can add the custom fields for explanation of privilege.

  • Run and Validate the Production

    Lexbe Professional Services can assist in the running and validation steps of productions within the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP). The Lexbe eDiscovery Specialist will provide quality control over the entire process.

  • Assessment of Opposing Counsel's Productions

    If you're concerned about the productions that you're receiving from opposing counsel, we can help. Not only can we compare the production to the ESI order requirements, but we can also run analytics on the production and identify potential holes and missing ESI.

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