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Lexbe CoPilot Delivers Intelligent eDiscovery Automation

Lexbe CoPilot represents the forefront of eDiscovery technology. Integrating state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features, Lexbe CoPilot is tailored to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of legal teams handling diverse and voluminous legal data. Lexbe CoPilot is a secure integration with ChatGPT and other LLMs, with the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, to deliver intelligent document review automation, advanced case analytics, and unprecedented workflow enhancing capabilities. Lexbe CoPilot is highly flexible and supports legal teams across all sizes of organization.

You can simply ask the Lexbe CoPilot anything you’d like to know about a single document, multiple documents, or your case. We’ve pre-engineered prompts to make it easy to automate common tasks as well as giving you the ability to construct custom prompts to generate your desired results. Lexbe CoPilot also comes with a prompt management console that enables you to save, share, and collaborate on prompts with your legal team.

While Lexbe CoPilot automates many eDiscovery tasks, it is engineered to help streamline workflows while keeping humans in the loop (HITL).

Use ChatGPT and other GenAI models to quickly and easily summarize the documents in your case.

With Lexbe CoPilot you can easily summarize a single document or multiple documents to quickly gain an understanding of the evidence in your case. Pre-engineered summarize prompts enable you to ask for entities, key dates, and a summary of the document(s).

  • Summarize Depositions

  • Summarize Case Documents or a Single Document

  • Automatically Identify the Entities in Your Documents

  • Automatically Identify Key Dates

  • Automatically Identify Key Events

  • Accelerate Your Understanding of the Evidence in the Case

Use ChatGPT and other GenAI models to quickly define acronyms in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

With the click of a prompt, Lexbe CoPilot will define all the acronyms in a document thanks to the advanced comprehensive learning and contextual accuracy of GenAI models.

  • Prioritizes Definitions Included in Documents

  • Trained on a Massive Corpus of Cross-Industry Data

  • Deep Learning Enables Contextual Accuracy

Easily translate case documents that are in foreign languages to the language of your choice using ChatGPT and other GenAI models in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform.

When you encounter documents with multiple languages, Lexbe CoPilot will quickly translate them into the language that you prefer. The accuracy and fluency of the translation is outstanding.

  • Easily Translate Documents In-Line During Document Review

  • Handle Cross Border Matters with Autonomy

  • Eliminates Document Review Language Barriers

Automatically identify PII and PHI for redaction in your case.

The advanced neural networks of GenAI models enable them to be highly proficient at identifying PII, PHI, and other confidential information in your case documents to streamline the redaction process or comply with regulations on privacy and data breach response.

  • Automatically Locate Personally Identifiable Information

  • Automatically Locate Protected Health Information

  • Automatically Locate Other Confidential Information Like Proprietary Network Information

  • Automatically Identify Custodians Impacted by a Data Breach

  • Use Custom Prompts to Identify Other Confidential Data Types in Your Case

Lexbe makes it easy to generate case insights and build a better case strategy by using generative AI to analyze your documents.

Lexbe CoPilot enables you to leverage the power of deep learning generative AI models to analyze your documents and help you gain insights for building your case strategy

  • Data Pattern Analysis

    Simply ask GenAI models to perform data pattern analysis to reveal trends in your case data to help formulate effective strategies.

  • Document Timeline Creation

    Automatically generate timelines based on document data, providing a chronological view of case-relevant events.

  • Relationship Mapping

    Generate critical case insights by visualizing the connections between people, documents, and events in your case.

  • Advanced Search Queries

    Ask ChatGPT and other GenAI models to create Boolean searches for you to identify the key issues and corresponding evidence in the case.

  • Find Holes in Case Data

    Gen AI models can quickly help identify holes in data based on neural network analysis.

Generative Artificial Intelligence models can be highly effective in performing a first pass review for responsiveness.

Lexbe CoPilot takes technology assisted review (TAR) to the next level by eliminating the training steps and delivering results in a fraction of the time and cost. With Lexbe you can create virtual automated document reviewers, review tens-of-thousands of documents an hour, and complete a review for responsiveness or privilege.

Lexbe CoPilot quickly processes and analyzes large volumes of data and significantly reduces the time required for document review. In addition, the pretrained GenAI models have advanced deep learning capabilities and are exceptional for pattern recognition and contextual accuracy which reduces the likelihood of overlooking crucial information or misinterpreting data.

  • Generates a Confidence Score

    You'll be able to see on a scale of 1 to 10 the confidence per document in the decision which helps streamline the quality assurance process.

  • Generates the Rationale for the Responsiveness or Privilege Decision

    This is like having a TAR system that talks to you about why each document is responsive or privileged.

  • Automates Litigation Readiness

    Lexbe CoPilot is beneficial for organizations that are organizing documents in preparation for litigation.

  • Augments Legal Teams with Advanced Virtual Capabilities

    With Lexbe CoPilot, legal teams will be adding advanced intelligent automation that will enhance their ability to handle document intensive matters.

F1 scores for legal document review for responsiveness based precision and recall.

Generative Artificial Intelligence Large Language Models have demonstrated advanced capabilities in performing document review for responsiveness. OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 and Anthropic’s Claude-2 have performed will in our tests for precision and recall.

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