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Small and medium law firms use the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform to build stronger cases with lower costs

Boutique law firms dealing with document-intensive cases have specific requirements when it comes to eDiscovery solutions. Here are some of the most important features and capabilities that are purpose-built in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) to help litigators with limited resources (budget, human resources, technology, expertise) build stronger cases. 

Affordability: Lexbe equips boutique firms with an eDiscovery solution that is highly affordable. Cloud-based, high-speed, and accessible from virtually any internet-connected device, LEP doesn’t require IT resources or on-site servers. Lexbe offers affordable, flat-rate hosting subscriptions plans for all types of cases.

  • No Processing Fees

    Lexbe's highly efficient cloud infrastructure enables us to offer free ESI processing.

  • No Case Fees

    You can have as many cases in LEP as you need without monthly per case fees.

  • No Data Promotion Fees

    Lexbe is an end-to-end eDiscovery platform which doesn't require you to move your data from one platform to the next.

  • No Electronic Endorsement Fees

    Bates stamping and other electronic endorsements won't cost you extra with Lexbe.

  • No User Fees

    You can have as many users in your LEP account as you need without additional costs.

User-friendly interface: Boutique law firms need an eDiscovery solution with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use. LEP enables lawyers and their paralegals to quickly and easily access relevant information, search and analyze documents, and collaborate with other team members. It is easy to drag and drop documents to add them to your case.

Flexibility and scalability: Small and medium sized law firms need an eDiscovery solution that is flexible and scalable, capable of handling small or large document sets, as well as cases of varying complexity. LEP scales to meet the exact needs of your case, including the size of the dataset, amount of documents, number of users, and more.

It's easy to load data into your case. Simply drag and drop into the data upload window in the web browser.
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform
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Collaborative features: The ability to collaborate with team members and share insights and feedback is essential for boutique law firms dealing with document intensive cases. LEP has several collaboration features, including facilitate collaboration, such as shared searches and filters, color-coded and searchable case annotations, dynamic document review sets, facts and issues case timeline, and document review history.

Lexbe's Dynamic Facts & Issues Case Timeline helps you build a strong case.

Advanced search and analytics: A powerful search and analytics tool is crucial for boutique law firms. LEP allows lawyers to easily find the information they need, quickly identify key documents, and extract relevant data for use in their cases. With Lexbe, lawyers are able to gain insight into the documents early in the process so they can build strong cases.

What is the Best Cloud eDiscovery Platform for Small Law Firms?

You’ve found it. Every practice is unique, but most who choose to partner with Lexbe have the following goals in common:

  • Maximize billable hours and build stronger cases by keeping eDiscovery in-house and gaining access and insight earlier in the process

    Lexbe gets you from document ingestion to review faster and gives you more time to build a stronger case. Lexbe is consistently recognized by end users as easy to do business with and easy to administer. We provide free platform training, and ongoing educational webinars to ensure that every admin and user at your firm is proficient in the tool, no matter their role.

  • Reduce ediscovery spend without limiting your firm’s potential to take on more cases or data-heavy, document-intensive cases when opportunity arises

    Lexbe is consistently the lowest cost, cloud-based, DIY eDiscovery solution. Multiple subscription plans are available (month to month, 12-month or 24-month), all with per-gigabyte pricing. In other words, you’re paying for the volume of GBs of data hosted in the Lexbe cloud month over month. Our cloud infrastructure is rapidly scalable and provides virtually unlimited computing power, allowing you to increase your storage capacity instantly.

  • Maintain control of your clients’ data without taking on IT infrastructure costs

    Lexbe allows users to self-upload case documents and supports full, end-to-end case management and process administration through all stages of discovery. The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is continuously improving with new features and cost saving enhancements which increase the value of your subscription.

  • Access expert consulting and advanced technical services on-demand so you can readily respond to novel data source collection requests and unique case requirements on an as-needed basis

    Some months are stacked taller than others. And if you’re running a smaller operation, a single unexpected leave has the potential to disrupt project workflows and case timelines. Stay nimble and lean by leveraging Lexbe’s on-demand professional services if and when you need a trusted outside party (who knows your software inside and out) to step in. Our experts are CEDS certified and stay abreast of legal tech developments and eDiscovery trends.

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