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We help legal teams successfully handle document intensive matters with limited resources.

Exponential growth in case evidence from digital sources is rapidly outstripping legal team resources. The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) is an end-to-end eDiscovery solution that gives you more time, costs less, and enables your team to manage all stages of electronic discovery in your matter and helps you tackle the burden of digital evidence.

Litigators across all legal practice areas rely on Lexbe for secure data collection and preservation, lightning-fast processing, advanced culling features, highly accurate search capabilities, as well as comprehensive document review and production capabilities. Browse case studies by legal practice area below. 

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Construction law and defects cases involve a multitude of parties with interconnecting relationships. The expansive nature of construction lawsuits often leads to iterative collections, vast volumes of ESI, a large number of custodians, many layers of coding complexity, and limited time for review. 

LEP provides an affordable cloud-based system complete with multi-index search capabilities and dynamic case timelines for managing document-heavy construction litigation cases.

Insurance defense lawyers represent companies, individuals and insurance providers in a broad range of cases involving insured claims, including almost every conceivable type of tort or contract claim. 

Attorneys and co-counsel managing complex, document-intensive insurance defense cases rely on LEP’s advanced culling features and search-centric review to streamline eDiscovery, and to keep costs under control and within carrier guidelines.

Environmental attorneys frequently find themselves taking on data-intensive cases that run the risk of overwhelming existing document review and production capabilities. This can feel like an insurmountable task, especially if you’re up against a resource-rich private firm—but it doesn’t have to.

With LEP, you can scale your computing resources in minutes to handle data-intensive cases on an as-needed basis, facilitating and accelerating document review without exhausting internal resources.

Intellectual property lawsuits can involve patent, copyright and trademark law, as well as complex contract, joint venture, development and entity issues. Many are international in scope, and all share a high level of data complexity, with document counts frequently in the millions.

With features that include automatic foreign language detection and translation, LEP is engineered to handle even the most complex IP litigation document management and review tasks with precision and speed.

Securities litigation is a complex and multi-faceted practice area. Securities fraud cases can be preceded by or progress in parallel with regulatory investigations, government enforcement and/or derivative actions. The volume of discovery in complex securities cases can be in excess of tens of millions of pages.

LEP’s high-speed processing throughput, cost-effective hosting rates, and predictive coding technology are key for accelerating review and controlling the cost of discovery.

Technological innovations are continuously redefining the telecom industry, giving rise to new issues and novel legal disputes that make for a dynamic and complex regulatory landscape. Telecommunication delivery typically crosses several interconnected networks owned by different entities, so telecom cases frequently involve a higher number of custodians.

The Lexbe platform delivers a fast and affordable eDiscovery solution for telecom litigators facing voluminous ESI collections and tight deadlines.

Employment litigation includes wrongful termination, retaliation, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour issues, and injury claims. These matters tend to be complex, fact-intensive and rife with confidentiality and privilege issues. High volumes of ESI are to be expected, especially where BYOD (“bring your own device”) and work from home policies apply.

LEP is a powerful, search-centric review platform designed to handle even the most data-intensive labor and employment-related cases.

How Lexbe Helps You Build Your Best Case

Built on Amazon’s industry-leading AWS cloud-based infrastructure, LEP makes it easy for legal teams, co-counsel and third party vendors to communicate and access always-up-to-date case data from anywhere, at any time, with any internet-connected device. 

With the Lexbe platform, you get a fully-featured eDiscovery solution enhanced by the myriad benefits of cloud computing:

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