Environmental Litigation

Lexbe is the best eDiscovery platform for environmental litigation firms.

Environmental litigation involves complex scientific and technical issues, making eDiscovery particularly challenging. Those practicing environmental law face unique litigation obstacles in advocating on behalf of their clients. Rapidly growing collections of electronically stored information (ESI) present an increasingly difficult challenge when taking on resource-rich private firms. Environmental attorneys can frequently find themselves taking on data-intensive cases that overwhelm existing document review and production capabilities.

Because of the nature of environmental litigation, attorneys often face obstacles in efficiently communicating and collaborating with outside counsel and partner firms. On top of all of this, environmental lawyers need to work with technology partners that understand their organizations’ resource constraints and the need for predictable, discounted pricing, and cost-effective services.

Affordability: Lexbe equips environmental lawyers with an eDiscovery solution that is highly affordable. Cloud-based, high-speed, and accessible from virtually any internet-connected device, LEP doesn’t require IT resources or on-site servers. Lexbe offers affordable, flat-rate hosting subscriptions plans for all sizes of cases.

  • No Processing Fees

    Lexbe's highly efficient cloud infrastructure enables us to offer free ESI processing.

  • No Case Fees

    You can have as many cases in LEP as you need without monthly per case fees.

  • No User Fees

    You can have as many users as you need for no additional charge.

  • No Data Promotion Fees

    Lexbe is an end-to-end eDiscovery platform which doesn't require you to move your data from one platform to the next.

  • No Electronic Endorsement Fees

    Bates stamping and other electronic endorsements won't cost you extra with Lexbe.

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform
See the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform in Action

Schedule a platform demonstration with a Lexbe eDiscovery Solutions Director. Demos can be as short as 10 minutes, or up to 30 minutes long if you want the demo tailored to your practice.

User-friendly interface: Boutique law firms need an eDiscovery solution with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use. LEP enables lawyers and their paralegals to quickly and easily access relevant information, search and analyze documents, and collaborate with other team members. It is easy to drag and drop documents to add them to your case.

Flexibility and scalability: Boutique environmental law firms need an eDiscovery solution that is flexible and scalable, capable of handling small or large document sets, as well as cases of varying complexity. LEP scales to meet the exact needs of your case, including the size of the dataset, amount of documents, number of users, and more.

It's easy to load data into your case. Simply drag and drop into the data upload window in the web browser.

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