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Eliminate Irrelevant Data from Your Case

The Lexbe Professional Services Team can help you get to document review quickly by culling out the irrelevant data in your case. Lexbe’s electronically stored information (ESI) culling service is one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost and time to get to document review for your case.

With the drastic increase in the size and scope of discovery orders, litigation professionals need tools that can enhance the efficiency of document review. ESI Culling can accomplish this by reducing a large collection of data to a more manageable and relevant set of documents.

It is often suggested that the majority of collected electronic material is not pertinent to the case and leaving the unneeded documents in with important evidence results in unnecessary time spent reviewing documents and excess IT costs to store completely irrelevant data. Culling can be used to identify and eliminate exact document duplicates, DeNIST data, and identify near-duplicate versions of a document. Also, culling can be applied to eliminate unneeded documents based on a set of keywords, date range filters, and/or custodian filters applied to the data set.

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The Features of Lexbe’s ESI Culling Service

  • Dedicated ESI Specialist – Your case will be assigned an expert eDiscovery Specialist that will orchestrate the culling process for your case. This includes collaboration on the culling parameters with your team.
  • DeNIST – The DeNIST process removes unnecessary systems files from your case.
  • Deduplication – Deduplication removes unnecessary or duplicative files from your dataset.
  • Keyword Culling – If you have an agreed upon set of keywords, they will be applied to the dataset and coded as relevant with the remaining documents being hibernated.
  • ESI Filtering – Your Lexbe eDiscovery Specialist can also filter by custodian, date range, and other fields in order to isolate the relevant documents for your case.

The Benefits of Lexbe’s ESI Culling Service

While the cost savings from Lexbe’s ESI Culling service helps reduce the litigation costs for you and your clients, the benefit of getting to document review faster enables you to build a stronger case by engaging the relevant documents earlier in the process.

The benefits of utilizing Lexbe’s managed culling service, include:

  • Reduced Hosting Costs

  • Reduced Datasets

  • Get to Document Review Faster

  • Identify the Hot Documents Faster

  • Spend More Time Building a Strong Case

  • Get Productions Out the Door Faster

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