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Helping Legal Teams Successfully Handle Document Intensive Matters with Limited Resources

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) is a full-featured, DIY eDiscovery software application that was purpose built to enable lean, mean litigation teams. Our lightning-fast, cloud-based platform supports litigation attorneys and paralegals in managing complex, document-intensive cases and executing cost-effective reviews on-time and within budget.

Given the proliferation of electronic data subject to discovery in modern litigation, as well as the unpredictable and potentially prohibitive cost of outsourcing eDiscovery to multiple vendors, the Lexbe platform was designed to give boutique law firms the same technology advantage as megafirms.

As a DIY single-platform eDiscovery solution with professional services available on-demand, our platform makes it easier for you to forecast and control litigation spend while mitigating risk by overseeing eDiscovery projects in-house.

Why Legal Professionals Prefer Lexbe

“Lexbe gives me the time I need to build a strong case and at a fraction of the cost of other ediscovery software.”

Lexbe Man on Transparent Background Holding Tablet
  • CoPilot - Gen AI Powered eDiscovery

    LEP has integrations with leading generative artificial intelligence platforms, like ChatGPT, which provides you with an ever-present eDiscovery assistant to automate the analysis, review, and other critical eDiscovery tasks.

  • Modern and fully cloud-based

    LEP is cross-platform compatible and can be accessed using any modern web browser via laptop, computer or internet-enabled mobile device. No special hardware or on-premises software installation required. Infinitely scalable to meet case needs.

  • One platform for every stage of electronic discovery

    Use LEP for eDiscovery processing, imaging, translation, predictive coding, review, production, privilege logging and case building. No exporting and importing from one platform to another. No vendor dependency or time lag between EDRM stages.

  • No hidden fees

    Try Lexbe’s no-commitment, month-to-month flex plan, or access deeper savings with a 12-month or 24-month subscription. No processing fees. No case fees. Unlimited user licenses. Learn more about pricing.

  • Get From Document Ingestion to Review Faster

    Lexbe's cloud-based architecture auto-scales to meet the demands of your case. With Lexbe you'll get from document ingestion to review in record time.

  • You’re in control

    LEP gives you complete flexibility to setup and manage cases, upload/ingest your own documents, and run productions. You can opt to run a vendor-free eDiscovery operation in-house, or tap Lexbe’s Managed Services team for expert technical support.

  • No headaches

    Customers consistently report that LEP is easy to learn and easy to use. Lexbe has been recognized for both "easiest administration" and "easiest to do business with" on legal software review platform G2. We provide user documentation, free webinars and additional resources to ensure success.

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Key Features and Benefits

The Lexbe platform includes all the standard features lawyers, paralegals, and litigation professionals have come to expect from an advanced eDiscovery and litigation document management application—plus a few more that set LEP apart.

  • Production upload support for all standard load file formats

  • Metadata extraction

  • Self-upload emails and native files to the platform for same-day review

  • Keyword search, Boolean search, proximity search, stemming, fuzzy search and fielded search

  • Document tagging and NearDup Grouping for data reduction and accelerated review

  • File conversions from native file format to PDF

  • OCR (text extraction) for imaged files

  • Email threading (i.e., Email family or “chain” associations maintained)

  • Auto-redaction

  • Predictive coding a/k/a “technology assisted review” (TAR)

  • Data visualization and dynamic case timelines

  • Foreign language detection and auto-translation into searchable text

  • UberIndex℠, Lexbe’s proprietary multi-index search and the industry’s most comprehensive search index

For a complete list of features, visit our eDiscovery Platform Features page.

Lexbe software updates and feature releases are informed by user feedback, and we host weekly Q&A sessions to learn what users want.

Client Testimonial

“Lexbe [created] a multi-firm solution allowing each firm to have their own set of documents, but share data and storage costs. Not only was it more efficient for all parties involved, but it was a considerable cost savings for the insurance carrier in the case.”

Angela Caffey, Senior Attorney
Thomson Coe

To handle a construction liability case involving five defense firms, several subpoenaed third parties, and multiple properties with more than 40 office tenants, a national insurance litigation and coverage firm chooses LEP for its ease of use, multi-firm configurability and considerable cost savings.

Client Testimonial

“Lexbe’s translation feature helped with several of our intellectual property cases. This allowed our attorneys to quickly review and understand the documents without the need for additional and costly outsourced translation services.”

Kristine Kadlac, Litigation Paralegal
Richman Greer

A relatively small firm with an international IP case involving multi-lingual review of documents from multiple countries turned to Lexbe for the platform’s automated foreign language detection and first-pass translation capabilities, which allowed attorneys to review documents more quickly and without accruing costly outsourced translation services.

Client Testimonial

“Lexbe’s review tool gives our internal staff and co-counsel a shared work environment to speed document review and productions in large document cases. Lexbe has been an excellent, cost-effective solution for our needs.”

Kerstin Sjoberg-Witt, Legal Director
Disability Rights Ohio

Civil rights advocacy group Disability Rights Ohio filed a discrimination suit against a major state university on behalf of visually impaired students. With outside counsel out of state, the non-profit organization wanted an intuitive, cloud-based platform for eDiscovery processing and hosted review that afforded them full control of productions. They chose Lexbe.

Client Testimonial

“The amount of documentation we had in just one case was the size of a rail car. We quickly realized that we needed a strong eDiscovery system to review documents and stay organized.”

Ruby Wolford, Paralegal
Logan & Lowry

A relatively small law firm in Oklahoma handling a document-intensive construction litigation case for a large metal fabrication and performance welding company evaluated multiple eDiscovery platforms before selecting Lexbe. With limited staff and resources, the firm needed an affordable and easily accessible software solution that supported Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone systems.

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