Telecommunications Litigation

Lexbe is the best ediscovery software for telecommunications litigation

Telecommunications litigation poses unique challenges to the lawyers, law firms and organizations involved in these disputes. The dynamic local and Federal regulatory landscape combined with innovations in communications technologies and the interconnected parties involved in the delivery of communications often result in eDiscovery being performed across tens of millions of documents. Cases that involve customers’ proprietary network information (PNI) require advanced privacy safeguards in the eDiscovery process.

Because telecommunication delivery typically crosses several interconnected networks owned by different entities, litigation frequently involves multiple custodians. In addition, multiple regulatory agencies, including Public Utility Commissions and the FCC, govern a wide range of matters such as privacy policies, billing practices, access for individuals with hearing and speech disabilities, public safety systems as well as marketing practices resulting in multiplier effect on documents included in eDiscovery.

The complexity of telecommunications litigation, multiple custodians, large document sets and compressed or static court time frames places immense pressure on the eDiscovery process.

Affordability of an eDiscovery solution is an important issue for many of our clients. We found Lexbe to be an excellent value, providing the features our clients need at a good value. Lexbe is easy-to-use, requires little training, and because it is cloud-based it is accessible by all parties from any location.

An Affordable and Effective eDiscovery Solution for Lawyers Specializing in Telecommunications Litigation

The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform was engineered to handle the most demanding and complicated telecommunications litigation discovery. Purpose-built to leverage the power of cloud computing, Lexbe can instantly scale to near-unlimited computing capacity to process and expedite the review of millions of documents.

Lexbe is the fastest eDiscovery platform, enabling your team of reviewers to search, review and code millions of documents before other platforms have finished their early case analysis. The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Apple iPhone and Android devices a browser and Internet access. In addition, the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform enables the highly efficient utilization of document reviews with the intelligent and continuous allocation of documents which eliminates the burden of cumbersome batches.

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform
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