Eliminate Irrelevant Data from Your ESI Collection

Lexbe’s ESI Culling+ service eliminates irrelevant data up front to reduce both the time and expense of eDiscovery.

With the drastic increase in the size and scope of discovery orders, litigation professionals need tools that can enhance the efficiency of document review. ESI Culling+ can accomplish this by reducing a large collection of data to a more manageable and relevant set of documents.

It is often suggested that the majority of collected electronic material is not pertinent to the case and leaving the unneeded documents in with important evidence results in unnecessary time spent reviewing documents and excess IT costs to store completely irrelevant data. Culling can be used to identify and eliminate exact document duplicates, DeNIST data, and identify near-duplicate versions of a document. Also, culling can be applied to eliminate unneeded documents based on a set of keywords applied to the data set.

Features of ESI Culling+

  • deNIST data: DeNIST and system file identification removes unnecessary files.
  • Deduplication: Deduplication is available to remove unnecessary or duplicative files to speed review.
  • Identify Near Duplicates: We identify near duplicates of privilege and work product documents so you can determine if they should be consistently coded.
  • Hash Code Generation: Files are ‘digitally fingerprinted’ with MD5 Hash Codes to maintain chain of custody, data defensibility and support file deduplication.
  • Metadata Extraction: Metadata fields from email and other files are extracted, including Email sender, receivers, date and time sent and received, subject, date created/last modified, etc.
  • OCR: We run optical character recognition on image-based files to improve searchability.
  • Bates Stamping: Bates file naming and endorsing is supported at the page level.
  • Confidentiality and Special Designations: Page-level Confidentiality and other special designations (e.g., ‘Attorneys Eyes Only’, ‘Subject to Protective Order’) are supported as well.
  • Load File Generation: We include loadfiles into most litigation database platforms, including Excel .XLSX (Lexbe load file format), .DAT/.OPT (Concordance) and .DII (Summation) loadfile formats.

Benefits of ESI Culling+

  • Reduce Hosting and Review Costs: Eliminating duplicates and deNisting document collections means less data to host and fewer documents to review.
  • High Speed: We can cull any sized document collection FAST. Our proprietary ESI architecture allows us to cull even the largest ESI collections.
  • Low Price: In addition to being highly scalable, our culling architecture’s efficient design allows us to pass cost savings on to our customers in the form of low per GB rates that decline at volume..
  • Simple and Fast Transmission: Transmit your ESI files to us by secure internet upload, via secure FTP or send them to us direct via courier on flash or USB drives for processing. When your job has been completed, we will return them to you by your preferred method.

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