ESI Processing Service

High Speed Native ESI Processing

Lexbe offers a variety of eDiscovery processing and litigation support services to assist law firms and organizations involved in litigation with the challenges of quickly and accurately preparing email, office and other native files and other electronically stored information (ESI) for legal review and delivery for discovery production requests.

With Lexbe’s high speed eDiscovery processing and litigation support services you will never miss a discovery deadline again. Lexbe’s powerful ESI processing engine, hosted in the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud, auto-scales to deliver TBs of processing power to get your job done in record time. In addition, Lexbe can deliver this eDiscovery processing power with industry-leading affordability.

Lexbe’s ESI Processing Supports Thousands of File Types

The Lexbe ESI processing engine supports over 8000 file types and performs several processing steps simultaneously, in order to get your files processed in record time. Lexbe’s ESI processing including:

  • Native Character File Extraction

  • Optical Character Recognition

  • Full Text Indexing

  • DeNIST (System File Elimination)

  • Metadata Extraction

  • MD-5 Hash Code Generation

  • Email Attachment Extraction with Parent Email Association

  • Deduplication

  • File Extension Repair and Encoding

  • PDF Creation

  • Bates Numbering

  • Load File Creation

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform
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Preserve the Relevant Data for Your Case

Our eDiscovery Specialists will draft the litigation hold notice to clearly set forth all types of data that should be retained including electronically stored information (“ESI”), hard copy documents, software, hardware, etc. It is important to list examples of the various data types that fall within these categories, such as email servers, mobile devices, CDs, DVDs, flash drives, external hard drives, voicemails, databases, backup tapes, file servers, and other various data sources. The notice will be tailored to the recipient whether it be your client’s custodians, opposing counsel, or a third party with potentially relevant material. Be clear and specific about the types of materials to preserve and the various ways in which data should be retained.

In addition to clearly stating the types of data that should be preserved, we’ll also be specific when describing the types of routine deletion or destruction methods, that are often in place due to data governance programs, that should be immediately halted to avoid spoliation of relevant information.

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