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Lexbe's educational webinar series on best practices in eDiscovery, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Forensics.

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How to Use ChatGPT and GenAI in eDiscovery

Bringing eDiscovery In-House

Guest Speaker: Karsten Weber

CTO of Lexbe

Guest Speaker: Doug Austin

Editor of eDiscovery Today

May 3rd at Noon CDT
May 8th at 1 PM CDT
A Demonstration of How to Leverage GenAI Large Language Models in eDiscovery

Join us for an informative session on how to use GenAI in eDiscovery. This is a demonstration of how to utilize the strengths of large language models, like ChatGPT and Claude, for specific eDiscovery use cases. GenAI is poised to revolutionize eDiscovery and equip firms with advanced capabilities that will drive unprecedented efficiencies and the ability to handle more document intensive cases.

During this session you’ll see, first hand, results generated by specific prompts. Come equipped with your questions and we’ll answer them at the end of the session. We’ll also provide attendees with a guide to drafting GenAI prompts for use in eDiscovery document review.

Session Agenda:
– Automated document review for responsiveness
– Summarizing a single document, multiple documents, or an entire case
– Identifying key entities
– Creating a chronology or timeline of events
– Identifying key events
– Defining acronyms
– Translating documents
– Advanced early case analysis
– And much more

Critical Considerations, Advantages, Best Practices &
Getting Started

Join us for an insightful webinar where we delve into the intricacies of bringing eDiscovery in-house. From defining what “in-house” eDiscovery entails to exploring the criteria and advantages of this approach, we will equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. Discover how aligning eDiscovery practices with your legal operations can help you compete against the opposition. Learn about extending the use cases for eDiscovery and gain valuable insights into selecting the right technology for your organization. Whether you’re considering making the transition or seeking to optimize your current setup, this session will provide best practices and actionable steps for getting started effectively.

Session Agenda:
– Defining “In-House” eDiscovery
– Criteria for Bringing eDiscovery In-House
– Advantages of Bringing eDiscovery In-House
– Alignment with Information Governance & Legal Operations
– Extending the Use Cases for eDiscovery
– Selecting the Right eDiscovery Technology For You
– Best Practices & Steps for Getting Started

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