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Rapid eDiscovery Processing Services

Lexbe offers a variety of eDiscovery services to assist law firms and organizations involved in litigation with the challenges of quickly and accurately preparing email, office and other native files and other electronic stored information (ESI) for legal review and delivery for discovery production requests. We distinguish ourselves with proprietary scalable eDiscovery back-end processing power that allows us to handle even the largest jobs quickly and cost-effectively.

Our eDiscovery services are available to help litigation professionals conduct early case analysis, perform eDiscovery Processing, and assist eDiscovery Review. Lexbe also offers technology expert consulting services to help you deliver your eDiscovery projects on time and on budget.

Below find descriptions of our specific electronic discovery processing services offered, details of our security protocols, and how to get additional information or a custom price quote. We also offer Lexbe eDiscovery Platform – our web based document review platform with processing, case management, and advanced search functionality.

eDiscovery Services

  • ESI Email Collection+: Defensibly collect web-based email archives in preparation for eDiscovery processing, review, and production.
  • ESI Culling+: Reduce ESI stores to manageable sizes with DeNIST, deduplication, date culling and keyword culling. Metadata extractions and PST reconstitution is available as well.
  • Privilege Secure+: Prevent the inadvertent disclosure of privileged documents.
  • Native Processing+ (to PDF): Convert native documents, including Outlook Email and Microsoft Office files, into PDF format for searchability, bates stamping, and preparation for online review.
  • Native Processing+ (to TIFF): Convert native documents, including Outlook Email and Microsoft Office files, into TIFF format for searchability, bates stamping, and preparation for online review.
  • Native Extraction+: Flatten and extract native file attachments and metadata to create loadfiles in preparation for native or near native review.
  • eDiscovery OCR+: Increase searchability of PDFs, TIFFs, or document-formatted JPGs or PNGs, in connection with litigation document review and searching, using our optical character recognition technology.
  • NearDup Groupings+: Identify key documents, group similar documents, ensure consistency in privilege coding, and enable email threading.
  • ESI Preservation+: Early case nearline storage of pre-processed data collections.

Free eDiscovery Processing

Free Processing is available when you commit to host your data in Lexbe eDiscovery Platform for 6 months. Take advantage of Lexbe eDiscovery Platform and the major cost savings experienced when you eliminate processing expenses.


Security is critically important to us. We specialize in eDiscovery, litigation support and online litigation database and document hosting. We are located in Austin, TX and all of our operations are conducted in the United States. We keep data on limited access servers in locked-down data centers. Files and information are transmitted with 256-bit encryption. Find more information about our data security standards here.

To learn more, download these Overviews:

Lexbe Rapid eDiscovery Services [PDF]

Lexbe eDiscovery Services Security Overview [PDF]

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