Lexbe Profiled in Recent 451 Research Impact Report

SaaS convenience, strong search, massive scalability, and innovative pricing options make Lexbe eDiscovery Platform an intriguing option for plaintiffs.

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Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) was recently covered in an Impact Report from 451 Research written and developed by leading eDiscovery and Information Governance analyst David Horrigan. The report reflects on how LEP meets the specialized eDiscovery and litigation support needs of plaintiff attorneys by focusing on scalability and fast, comprehensive search performance. The impact report also discusses the growing trend among plaintiff firms and special advocacy groups towards embracing secure cloud technology like LEP to achieve reduced costs, faster performance, and increasingly advanced feature sets and functionality.

From the report’s publicly available abstract:

“The e-discovery vendor is making moves to grow its corporate clientele, but it’s found a niche taking its hosted e-discovery platform to plaintiff lawyers and advocacy organizations that are getting over their fear of the cloud.”

The cloud-based platform integrates all of the fundamental features legal professionals expect and require to conduct data-intensive discovery. LEP can also be entirely self-administered by end users, but technical specialists are available to tackle any issues that arise. In addition to impressive speed, performance, and a mature feature set, LEP also has some unique features that are particularly beneficial to plaintiffs. Some mentioned in the report include:

Dual-Index Search: A comprehensive indexing methodology that ensures all document contents are searchable via a concatenated search index composed of both native and OCR extractions. Our dual-index search methodology helps plaintiffs avoid missing key documents buried in opposing counsel’s production.

Integrated Early Case Analysis: Integrated ECA and case management features let plaintiffs maintain a strong understanding of their case from the very beginning to support accurate case valuation. For more information about the benefits of early case timelines, check out this post.

Ability to Self-Load Any Data: You can load and process native files (Outlook, Word, etc.), PDFs or TIFF/load files. All files are converted to PDF and OCRed for integrated viewing, search, download and print. Text-based PDFs minimize data expansion and maximize document flexibility.


The report also highlights how the overall cost benefits of SaaS review solutions are not to be ignored. Specifically, LEP can eliminate the need for in-house infrastructure and software licenses for firms with inconsistent IT needs. Also noted by the 451 report is that LEP is available with no user or seat fees and contingency pricing plans are available for qualifying plaintiff cases.

For more information or to purchase access to the full 451 Research Impact Report, click here. To learn more about how Lexbe addresses the unique eDiscovery challenges faced by plaintiff lawyers or for information about contingency pricing plans for qualifying cases, you can visit our plaintiff solutions page.

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