How to Orchestrate a Successful Investigation to Gain an Advantage in Litigation

Gaining access to shrouded evidence can be a game-changer for your case. With all the available data sources you can now triangulate critical evidence and uncover the facts you need to build a winning case. In this session, you’ll learn best practices for conducting investigations for your cases, as well as the potholes to avoid. You’ll hear from a seasoned private investigator on how to orchestrate a successful investigation to gain an advantage in your matters.


  • The role of a private investigator in litigation
  • What types of cases are best suited for private investigators
  • What types of evidence can be collected
  • Best practices working with private investigators
  • Limitations of private investigators

About the Speaker

Ryan Bittle is a licensed private investigator who specializes in providing investigative services to law firms. Ryan has a special interest in personal injury law, business litigation, and intellectual property. Prior to being a private investigator, Ryan was an investigator for a state regulatory agency in California where he investigated criminal, civil, and administrative cases.

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