Handling Document Intensive Cases with Limited Staff

With the pandemic prompting more than 40% of workers to consider quitting their jobs or changing careers, many law firms continue to scramble to find and secure talent. When litigators and litigation support staff leave, it creates a significant challenge to handle the rapidly growing size of collections of electronically stored information (ESI) in the modern case.

How do you effectively manage these resource-hungry cases without a full complement of staff? What happens when the firm takes on a document-intensive case that its current review and production methods can’t handle? This educational webinar addresses how a firm can effectively manage large cases, meet its deadlines, avoid being outgunned by larger firms with greater staff and resources and thrive during the great resignation.


  • Impact of the Great Resignation on the Legal Services Market
  • The Challenges of Handling Large & Complex Cases
  • Legal Technology as a Force Multiplier
  • eDiscovery/Document Management Software by Case Stage
  • Document Review/Production Options in Large Cases
  • Case Study
  • Checklist for Managing Document Intensive Cases

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