How to Use the Wayback Machine in Litigation

Best Practices Securing the Evidence You Need to Win.

With the exponential growth of data on the internet, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (IAWM) has emerged as a critical source of evidence in legal cases. During this session, you’ll hear from an expert witness on the IAWM and it’s use in litigation. You’ll learn about the background of the IAWM, examples of it’s use in specific cases, the interface and features, authentication and admissibility, temporal coherence, and timestamping of content changes. By viewing this session, you’ll learn how to utilize the IAWM for your cases.


  • The impact of temporal attributes of web content
  • The us of IAWM for identifying historical web data that is relevant to your case
  • How to assess the value of archived webpages
  • How web content is timestamped
  • Strategies for authentication of IAWM evidence
  • Support for evidence admission

About the Speaker

Nicholas Taylor is an expert on the use of web archives and the Wayback Machine in litigation. He has over 16 years’ experience working in research libraries and technology firms, including Stanford University, Library of Congress, U.S. Supreme Court, Sun Microsystems, and Google. He has over 9 years’ experience specializing in the web archiving field and the evidentiary use of web archive data.

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