10 Mistakes to Avoid When Running Productions

Whether producing in Native, TIFF, PDF, or a blended format, discovery productions are fraught with potential challenges and obstacles that can foil your ability to meet deadlines and satisfy discovery requirements. The webinar also explores different strategies you can use to avoid these common production problems before they unfold plus a variety methods that can be used to get back on track when unavoidable delays do occur.

Key Points

  • Being unaware of the rules (FRCP/state/local)
  • Neglecting to match review requests with your review approach
  • Not knowing the common file deliverables in productions
  • Missing the opportunity to use ‘Meet & Confer’ (Rule 26) to your advantage
  • Failing to Request specific file types & metadata as needed
  • No custodian tracking causing deduplication nightmares
  • Not Addressing placeholders, databases, and unusual file types
  • Negotiating incomplete discovery orders in complicated cases
  • Stepping into redactions traps
  • Decreasing privilege review accuracy by failing to apply Near dup checks

Webinar Resources

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Productions – PDF Download

About the Speaker

Gene Albert is the CEO of Lexbe, and a frequent speaker and writer on litigation technology and eDiscovery topics. He is on the Planning Committee of the Texas State Bar eDiscovery Program. Gene has his JD from Southern Methodist University and his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

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