Best Practices: Finding Holes in Productions

As document productions have ballooned in size, determining if a production is adequate has become increasingly difficult. The days of judges and magistrates turning a blind eye to bad discovery are over. So plaintiffs and defendants increasingly need to know if productions are adequate and defensible, or instead are riddled with obvious data holes.

Key Points

  • Receiving Party’s Complaints About Productions
  • Increased Scrutiny of Productions
  • Bates Gaps
  • Areas for Examination
  • Causes for Inadvertent Exclusion of Material
  • Leveraging Metadata to Analyze Production
  • Email Mapping

Webinar Resources

Finding Holes in Productions – Best Practices in Testing, Reporting – PDF Download

About the Speaker

Karsten Weber is CTO and Principal, Lexbe LC. Mr. Weber is an eDiscovery consultant and expert and leads the product development at Lexbe. He holds an MBA from the University of Texas and an M.S. Engineering, Danish Technical University.

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