A Litigator’s Guide to Handling Cloud-Based eDiscovery and Documents

Newer scalable cloud computing allows firms to access substantial processing and review capacity when needed, at a fraction of traditional costs. When properly addressed, security increases in a cloud environment. This is a result of dedicated security staff, locked down data centers, data center certifications, full data encryption, and overall best practices security and confidentiality. These improvements amazingly come at a lower cost than traditional approaches.

Key Points

  • The Challenge of Big Data in Litigation
  • What is the Cloud?
  • How does Cloud Technology Apply to e-Discovery?
  • Cloud Best Practices & Advantages By Case Stage
  • Summary

Webinar Resources

Cloud eDiscovery Document Review – PDF Download

About the Speaker

Christian DeTrude of Lexbe is an eDiscovery Senior Solutions Consultant. He is a certified eDiscovery Specialist from the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists (ACEDS). Mr. DeTrude specializes in working with firms and companies of all sizes involved in eDiscovery seeking to bring solutions in-house or partner with a provider who do not have an in-house solution.

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