A Litigator’s Guide to Social Media Forensics

With billions of active users, file sharing, and multi-channel messaging capabilities, social media has rapidly ascended to the top of evidentiary electronically stored information (ESI) for many cases. Younger generations of custodians often prefer the instant messaging capabilities in social media apps over email and other communication channels. Their ease of access via smartphones and behavioral reinforcement characteristics will continue to fuel their growth for the foreseeable future. Therefore, litigators need to understand the scope of evidence that can be forensically collected from social media platforms to build their best cases.

During this informative session, you’ll learn what can be forensically collected from social media accounts and how that can impact your cases.


  • Social Media Overview
  • Social Media Sources
  • What Can be Collected from Social Media
  • Collection Methods
  • Private vs. Public Collections
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Collection Exports
  • Key Takeaways

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