A Lawyer’s Guide to Digital Forensics

With the exponential increase in data sources and increasingly tech savvy custodians, digital forensics has quickly come to the forefront in order to identify and collect the evidence required for your cases. Out of the 80 apps installed on the average smartphone, custodians typically utilize 9 mobile apps daily and 30 mobile apps monthly. The number of apps that have messaging services has exploded, the number of cloud-based services has exploded, Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors and location-based data has exploded, and data has never been more portable. All of these growth trends have increased the role of digital forensics in eDiscovery.


  • What is Digital Forensics?
  • Examples of Digital Media
  • eDiscovery and Digital Forensics
  • Findings
  • Metadata
  • Hash Values
  • Deleted Data
  • Load Files
  • Export Options
  • Key Takeaways

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